Northern California Association of Vietnamese-American Dentists

The NCAVAD (Hội Nha Sĩ Việt Nam Bắc California) is a professional organization committed to serving its members in their mission to provide oral health services to the community. Through the dental community involvement and outreach, we will continue to grow and foster our relationship with our community.

Our History By Dr. Lê Văn Quế:
It was here in San Jose that two young Vietnamese dentists, fresh out of dental school, met for the first time. Dr. Lê Văn Quế and Dr. Bùi Duy Thiện saw the need to connect with other fellow countrymen in the same profession. They wanted not only a forum to exchange professional knowledge and experience, but also simply a place where like-minded colleagues could gather socially and form friendships.

An association with these shared goals in mind was soon created in San Jose, named the Northern California Association of Vietnamese-American Dentists (NCAVAD), with Dr. Ngô Văn Tuân serving as its first president from 1992 to 1993.  At the time, the nascent organization boasted only a few dozens members, hailing mainly from San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Stockton. Like Silicon Valley, NCAVAD and its image have expanded exponentially. The tiny clan of Vietnamese immigrants has grown into an impressive organization with members of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Future by Dr. Trần Phương Frank:
NCAVAD continues to thrive with our mission and our vision. Our mission serves as a compass for our actions and our vision serves as the framework for our mission. Together we will continue to guide and shape the future aspect of NCAVAD. We are committed to bringing more values to our members and to others in the community this year, and many years to come. We will increase NCAVAD’s membership by meeting, recruiting, and keeping young dentists involved in our organization.

NCAVAD will provide networking opportunity for dental associates to mingle and socialize with peers and colleagues. On the same token, NCAVAD is an open forum to share ideas and experiences at our annual events such as quarterly Continuing Education seminars, Spring Annual Gala, summer picnic, scholarship award ceremony, and community health fair participation, and so on.  In addition, we will further give back to the community by providing more student scholarships, more dental volunteering opportunities in the community and in other charities, and to expand our relationship with other organizations.

We can make a great impact by working together. Over the years, NCAVAD has grown stronger every day in thanks to all your help, support, and participation. With your continued support, we can flourish and make a major difference in the community and in future generations.

The following are our Past Presidents and current President:

1. Dr. Ngô Văn Tuân, 1992-1993

2. Dr. Bùi Duy Thiện, 1994-1995, 1996-1997

3. Dr. Lê Văn Quế, 1998-1999

4. Dr. Nguyễn Tuấn Hùng, 2000-2001

5. Dr. Việt Minh Chánh, 2002-2003

6. Dr. Chu Giang, 2004

7. Dr. Phạm Nicole, 2005

8. Dr. Hoàng Dim, 2006

9. Dr. Hoàng Quỳnh Trâm, 2007

10. Dr. Tống Diệu Liên, 2008

11. Dr. Thái Mindi, 2009

12. Dr. Nguyễn Rosette, 2010

13. Dr. Trần Quát, 2011

14. Dr. Nguyễn Bảo Khánh, 2012

15. Dr. Phan Thomas, 2013

16. Dr. Nguyễn Minh Nick, 2014

17. Dr. Đoàn Denise, 2015

18. Dr. Nguyễn Hoàng Tuấn, 2016

19. Dr. Trần Phương Frank, 2017

20. Dr. Nguyễn Danny, 2018

21. Dr. Phan Hoàng Yến, 2019

22. Dr. Nguyễn Vân Tracy, 2020

23. Dr. Luu Hùng Michael, 2021

24. Ngọc Lan Vân, 2022

25. Dr. Thuc Quyen Duong, 2023

26. Dr. Nguyễn Daniel, 2024

 Note: The first 5 presidents served 2-year terms. We later changed the term to 1 year.